Bidcenter Planroom Software
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The Bidcenter Software is simple to use .
Our Reprographics planroom software offers features that are specific to the needs of a reprographics shop with modules for project creation, file work order system, and bid management.


Bidcenter for

Bidcenter Planroom Sfotware provides a full scale planroom solution. Create projects for your clients, or let them create their own. Work order/File Upload module for file sharing between you and your clients. Host on your own server, you control the space and power needs of your clients.
Full Source code available, $999.00


Simple to use

Our goal was to create a simple to use planroom software for everyone to use.

Scalable Software

Our software was developed side by side with real time clients like you, with the features they want


Our servers have a 99.5% uptime guarantee, and a 100% power guarantee for all accounts

Great R.O.I.

With our Software being hosted and inexpensive, your bottom line costs are at a minimum