For a Global Admin demo of our Bidcenter Planroom software, please click here and you will be taken to the demo.
For Admin Demo Access, please email request to
You will recieve a reply email with your credentials. They will be valid for 10 days. No one will contact you unless you specifically would like to be contacted.

Demo User Access
For user front end access, please register as a normal user on the demo site and you will be able to use as a front end user.

Bidcenter For Reprographers

Feature List:

. Public and Private planroom project creation
. You provide storage space
. Secure File viewer for project files(License is provided by you)
. Project Bid Submission Module
. Work Order/File Upload messaging module for your clients to send you files
. Allow your repro clients to create their own projects, and project Landing(grouping) pages
. Unlimited global admins
. Per Project Features
. Allow project files to be purchased for download and print

Plus many more features you will find in the demo...

There is one pre-requisite need to run the Bidcenter Planroom software:
You will need a license copy of the Devaldi Flexpaper viewer that our software is programmed for to have a secured file viewer. This software can be purchased directly from this website:
It is the classic version that is required.

All other pre-requisites will be noted in the install instructions for proper setup.


Simple to use

Our goal was to create a simple to use planroom software for everyone to use.

Scalable Software

Our software was developed side by side with real time clients like you, with the features they want


Our servers have a 99.5% uptime guarantee, and a 100% power guarantee for all accounts

Great R.O.I.

With our Software being hosted and inexpensive, your bottom line costs are at a minimum